Faux Fur Throw





The most striking first impression of a Best Home Fashion thermal faux fur throw is the luxurious look and feel of this fashion accent.   These throws are incredibly soft, warm, and irresistible. They provide your home with a touch of class and designer elegance that you haven’t experienced until now.


Environmentally sound, these throws are manufactured using the most innovative fibers to resemble beautiful animal furs we have come to love in nature.  Faux fur is supported by animal rights activists everywhere.  These beautiful faux fur throws keep you warm and help you to save on energy costs while relaxing with a good book or lounging in a chair.  These fashion throws are flame retardant, giving you additional peace of mind.


Previously reserved for only the most wealthy, the deep and lush colors of the mink faux fur throw or the rich tones and patterns of the leopard, lynx, and chinchilla throws make you feel like royalty in your own home.  The throws are carefully crafted and provide a plush backing in handsome, attractive, and contrasting colors. 


Decor Innovation can bring you the affordable luxury of having a different throw in each room.  The design features of each throw will warm your bedroom, provide a casual elegance in your den or family room, or add an additional dimension to your living room when placed on a couch or a favorite chair.  


Once you choose to have a Decor Innovation throw in your home, you will love the feeling of having treated yourself to something so special that you’ll want to share them with friends and family next.





Decor Innovation is able to provide you with a great diversity of faux fur throws to suit your personal style and home decorating needs.



Lynx Faux Fur Thermal Throw


Our exotic lynx faux fur throw will beguile you with its lustrous soft white fur blended with beige and honey tones and rich black markings.  This strikingly beautiful thermal throw will light up any room, enhance any decor, but also keep you snug when lounging at home.




 Leopard Faux Fur Thermal Throw



The leopard faux fur throw makes a powerful statement with thick, dense fur of rich gold and brown tones with lush black spots.  This warm thermal throw will add drama to your decor with its sweeping and graceful lines. 



Chinchilla Faux Fur Thermal Throw


decorinnovation-faux-fur-throw-06So soft and sumptuous, the chinchilla faux fur throw with its warm  brown and gold fur tones gives your home the look of luxury.  The silky texture of this thermal throw adds a sense of style and elegance anywhere in your home.


Mink Faux Fur Thermal Throw


An all-time favorite, our glamorous mink faux fur throw is opulent in brown, black, or white.  Available in our standard as well as a larger size, this thermal throw is beautifully bound and lined with matching microplush for additional warmth. This glossy mink styled throw is the ultimate accent piece for any home.


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